Rwanda Down syndrome Organization (RDSO)

Rwanda Down syndrome Organization (RDSO)

Rwanda Down syndrome Organization (RDSO)

RDSO was created in November 2016 in collaboration with Down Syndrome International (DSi). It has a Board of Directors, an Executive Secretary, a Permanent Secretary and an Office located in the City of Kigali, Rwanda.


RDSO aims to create and develop conditions that will enable people with Down Syndrome (DS) in Rwanda to attain their full potential capacities to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

To achieve the conditions mentioned here above, RDSO has set up overall objectives to address issues faced by both families, people with DS and caregivers.


Overall objectives

  • Provide information on DS to people with DS, their families, caregivers and the public population in general.
  • Facilitate the provision of early interventional medical services. Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.
  • Advocate for the inclusion of people with DS in schools.
  • Promote self-advocacy among young adults with Down Syndrome.
  • Facilitate capacity building of teachers in special education, etc.
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