Who we are:

Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria (DSFN) is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit association of children with Down syndrome, as well as their parents, guardians, care –givers and other interested stakeholders. Most of these children are neglected, relegated, or abandoned by their parents and society on the basis of culture and myths that tend to stigmatize them and their family. They are equally abused physically and sexually with impunity. In extreme cases even their rights to life itself is denied them.

It is under this harrowing and ugly backdrop that Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria (formerly an Association) evolved on the 4th of December 2001, with the avowed commitment to bridge the gap between children/adults with Down syndrome (DS) with the rest of the society, through a support system that seeks ultimately to integrate them into the mainstream of the society which they belong. This commitment is rooted in the firm belief that if given the necessary encouragement and enabling environment to grow like others, people with DS can, and do actualize their potentials and live fulfilled lives.

Our Mission Statement:

“Bridging the gap between people with Down Syndrome and the rest of the society through a support system that seeks to integrate them fully into the community in which they live”

Our Vision:

To provide information and support for people with Down syndrome, their families and care-givers, as well as being a resource for interested professionals

To strive to bridge the gap between people with Down syndrome and the rest of the society.

To strive to improve knowledge of the condition.

To champion the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Our Corporate Goals (Aims and Objectives)

  • To build a state-of-arts home with modern medical, educational and vocational residential facilities to accommodate people with Down Syndrome
  • To raise funds for research work on various medical conditions, which people with Down Syndrome are predisposed to, with a view to improving the lot of people living with Down Syndrome in Nigeria
  • To set up a counseling service for families of people with Down Syndrome
  • To give clinical support, such as ante/postnatal (mother/child) healthcare and clinical maintenance therapeutic services
  • To set up a fully specialized educational programme for early intervention, (EIP) and also organize in-service/overseas training for support and mainstream teaching staff
  • To organize exchange training programme for people with Down Syndrome
  • To acquire shuttle buses for administrative and recreational purposes
  • To raise funds to help maintain our professional and administrative staff in our head office and proposed chapters in the six geo-political zones of the country
  • To raise funds for enlightenment/interactive services via media/workshop/seminar etc
  • To setup a vocational centre that would train and expose people with Down syndrome to vocational training so as to earn a living

DSFN PARTNERSHIP WITH DOWN SYNDROME INTERNATIONAL (DSI): This partnership began in November, 2018 first as a training project for the staff and then the staff would in return train the students; the project was initiated by the Down syndrome International in collaboration with Down syndrome Foundation Nigeria to train self-advocates with Down syndrome to be able to advocate for their rights, speak up and also advocate for other young persons with Down syndrome who are not able speak for themselves; take part in work or social situations, and understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens.  Self-advocacy training develops key skills including: speaking up and communicating effectively in different situations; team work & cooperation, expressing your feelings and opinions assertively. It also supports them to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens, including how they will be expected to act and what their rights are in situations such as in a working environment.


We recently partnered with Inclusion International to train our self-advocates on their right to work as the workshop (Inclusion Works) was held in the first week of July 2019; The Inclusion Works! Development workshop aims to introduce the Inclusion Works Project to potential project implementing partners which DSFN is one of the partners to help run the project for 2years i.e making sure the barriers to employment that persons with intellectual disability face in Nigeria is addressed.

On the 20th of February, 2020 consultants and self-advocates from Inclusion International a UK-based charity for people with intellectual disabilities came in to Nigeria to train and empower our self-advocates on self-advocacy, good support and advocating for inclusion. This training is going to be done for 3-days with the Self-Advocates.

Why Empower Us training? – This training is designed for smaller groups(self-advocacy groups); encourages an intimate, flexible atmosphere and trainers can ensure that everyone is able to take part and share their thoughts and ideas which builds the confidence of the self-advocates. It also helps self-advocates develop the skills to work with others. The self-advocates would be encouraged to share experiences, work together and build relationships; and with this the goal is that self-advocates will stay connected following the training, provide ongoing support to one another and develop


Some of Our Achievements:

  • Opening of a resource Centre/library
  • Opening of a functional Resource Centre
  • Opening of a residential facility to train DS kids on Life Skills
  • Distribution of thousands of health charts, fact sheets and fliers, etc
  • Numerous electronic/print media enlightenment programme
  • Annual social events/outings: Easter, Christmas programme, etc
  • Annual Awareness Week programme
  • Courtesy call to the National Assembly at Abuja
  • Courtesy visit to the some States’ top government functionaries
  • Annual “Health Week” programme
  • Assistance to indigent persons with Down Syndrome on medical checks/treatment
  • Inauguration of a medical committee for regular routine medical checks for persons with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities
  • Effective networking with various international and local NGOs, social groups and medical outfits
  • Pre-inaugural meeting of the North-west (Kaduna) and South-south (Calabar) zones of Nigeria
  • Sponsorship of heart operations in India many of our children
  • Overseas training of some of our care givers
  • Acquisition of land at Mowe, Ogun State and Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State for our permanent Resource centre
  • Acquisition of a new building for our Resource centre
  • Partnership with First Bank/Exxon Mobil Oil for annual medical support
  • Partnership with Lilian Fond for scholarship for some of our indigent children
  • Participation in special Olympics sports competition(Local and international Level)
  • Partnership with Lagos Ministries of Education/Youths, Sport and Social Welfare: inauguration of stakeholders committee for policy formulation towards inclusive education
  • Participation in international conferences in USA, United Kingdom, South Africa and India
  • The National President of DSFN was the sole African representative who gave a speech at the first observed WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY (WDSD) held at the United Nations Headquarter, New York on March 21st, 2012.
  • Merit Award by Down Syndrome International presented at the WDSC in South Africa and India.
  • Four of our students won Olympic medals in various International Special Olympic competitions in Greece, South Korea and U.S.A.
  • Various National and International Awards/recognitions
  • Creating employment opportunities for our graduating students
  • Partnership with Down syndrome International
  • Partnership with Inclusion International

Our Board of Trustees (BOT)

  • Mr. Akin Opeodu – Chairman
  • Mrs. Susan Oyemade
  • Prince Felix Awogu
  • Chief (Dr.) John Agboola Odeyemi
  • Mrs. Joyce Weekes
  • Mrs. Henrietta Tunji-Bello

Advisory Board

  • Mrs. Celine Loader
  • Dr. (Mrs) Sylvia Cole
  • Professor Ekanem Ekure

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