The objective of the Network is to enhance multidisciplinary/functional-coordinated approaches of support for persons with Down syndrome and their families in Africa. The purpose for which the Network is formed is to Bring together all those individuals group of persons engaged who have a common interest in supporting persons with Down syndrome to fulfill their potential for successful and happy lives in their communities that which know their abilities and are supportive to their needs;

Create a forum for individuals groups of persons and Organisations promoting Down syndrome awareness as a representative body of such Organisations in pursuing the common interest of encouraging the development and implementation of relevant educational, medical and occupational programs for persons with Down syndrome in-country and across the African continent; To strive to remove barriers and promote the integration of persons with Down syndrome in their communities; Change society’s perception of persons with Down syndrome by disseminating wider knowledge on Down syndrome; To positively influence continental policies and legislation (including the lobby for adoption and domestication of various UN Convention and other relevant International Laws by representative countries as applicable from time to time) for persons with Down syndrome; To develop and implement good Governance of the Network and its members within Africa; To represent ADSN in Africa and Internationally;

Promote communication and coordination of the activities of the Network by sharing information, experiences and challenges in order to achieve coordinated programs for the promotion of Down syndrome awareness; To encourage peer support among associations and institutions for persons with Down syndrome on the continent; and Solicit for funds and engage in fund-raising activities as the Board shall determine, to raise funds internally or externally, like grants, contributions, and receive material assistance, gifts, donations, and funds for the purpose of promoting the welfare of persons with Down syndrome in Africa.