The Aims and objective
  • To ensure that every person with Down syndrome has equal rights
  • To eliminate barriers to their living.
  • To change societal negative perception on Down syndrome
  • To positively influence continental policies and legislation for people with Down syndrome.
  • To create equal opportunities for people with Down syndrome, in order to enable them to function optimally and to achieve their full potential in all spheres of life.
  • To develop and implement good governance within Africa
  • To represent Africa Down syndrome Network Continentally and Internationally



To develop a healthy, literate and economically secure Down syndrome community

with equity  that is well integrated into the overall Africa society.



To promote and protect the rights of all people with Down syndrome and their families in Africa,



Empowerment of people with Down syndrome in Africa.

The network is dully affiliated to the African decade of persons with disabilities and to Down syndrome International. The network will affiliate with the African Union, various governments, use various treaties and documents to make sure the rights of people with Down syndrome are met.



The network has the following roles:

  • Advocacy
  • Lobbying
  • Enhancing awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome,
  • Networking with relevant  national and international organizations to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome
  • Monitoring  the formation  and implementation of Africa legislation pertaining to Down syndrome


First office bearers:
The following were the first duly elected office bearers


Title                                                                       Name                                                           Country
Chairperson                                           Bibi Ferozia Hosaneea                                 Mauritius
V/  Chairperson                                      Binta Nomsa Tobedza                                 Botswana
Secretary                                                Kifita Humphrey Kimbonyi                            Zambia
V/ secretary                                            Rose Mordi Ekaete                                        Nigeria
Treasurer                                                Sibonisiwe Mazula                                         Zimbabwe
V/treasurer                                              Michael Okiro Emadit                                    Uganda


All  elected   office  bearers  are   the founding members and  parents/ guardians  to children  with  Down syndrome and have a vision to create a strong  empowerment movement for persons with Down syndrome in Africa.


This was a monumental step in the right direction for Down syndrome on the African continent, for all people with Down syndrome and their families